Starters / Appetizers  


1. Papadam

(Rice flour crisp disc.)


2. Masala Papadam.

(Fried Papadam decorated with onion, tomato, coriander and spices.)


3. French Fries 

(Potatoes are batons of deep-fried in oil.)



(Vege / Chicken)


5.Onion Bhaji

(Onion and spinach mixed with green flour and deep-fried served with mint sauce.)


6.Aloo Tikki

(Mashed Potato and green peas lightly fried with butter served with ketchup & sauce.)


7.Vegetable Pakoda

(Seasonal vegetables mixed with flour deep fried in butter served with mint sauce.)


8.Paneer Pakoda

(Homemade cheese cottage deep fried in butter and served with mint sauce.)


9.Chilly Paneer

(Homemade cottage cheese grilled with onion and capsicum mixed with various spices.)


10.Gobi Manchurian

(Indian chinese dish. Fried Calliflower-adoptation of chinese cooking.)


11.Chicken Pakoda 

(Boneless chicken pieces mixed with flour deep fried and served with mint sauce.)


12.Chicken Lollipop

(It involves marinating the chicken wings in spicy sauce, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried in hot oil over medium heat to golden.)


13.Chicken Manchurian

(Popular Indo-Chinese dish of chicken meatball Cooked in combination of indian chinese vegetables.)


14.Chilly Chicken

(Popular Indo-Chinese dish of Boneless chicken cooked  in combination of Indian-Chinese vegetables.)


15.Fish Pakoda

(Boneless fish pieces deep fried in butter and serve with mint sauce.)


16.Prawn Pakoda

(Deep fried prawn in butter tempura style served with mint sauce.)


17.Chicken 65

(Deep fried Boneless chicken originating from chennai india. The Flavor of the dish can be attributed to red chillies.)


  Tandoori Bar-B-Q Special  

18.Tandoori Mixed Grilled

(Boneless pieces of chicken, lamb, prawn, and fish marinated over night with herb/spices with yoghurt, garlic and ginger paste grilled in tandoor.)


19.Tandoori Chicken

(Chicken marinated over night with herbs/spices with yoghurt, garlic and ginger paste grilled in tandoor.)


20. Chicken Tikka

(Boneless chicken marinated over night with herbs/spices and yoghurt, grilled in tandoor.)


21.Fish Tikka

(Fish fillet marinated over night with yoghurt and spices cooked in the tandoor.) 


22.Paneer Tikka

(Fresh cottage cheese marinated and grilled with slice of tomato, onion and capsicum.)


23. Hariyali Tikka Paneer

(Made in the spicy and green leafy marinated along with onions and bell pepper.)


24. Chicken Seekh Kebab

(Minced chicken medium spicy rolled on skewer grilled in tandoor.)


25. Lamb Seekh Kebab

(Tender minced lamb blended with spices and rolled on a skewer and grilled in tandoor.)


26. Full fish Tandoori or Fried

(Full fish marinated with indian herbs, B.B.Q.)



27. Vegetable soup

(Delectable soup with peas and vegetables.)


28. Tomato soup

(Soup made of tomato in indian style.)


29. Mushroom soup

(Diced mushroom pieces in creamy soup.)


30. Sweet Corn soup

(Sweet corn served with lemon and pepper.)


31. Dal soup

(Indian lentils with lemon and pepper.)


32. Rasam soup

(South indian style soup made with tamarind and pepper.)


33. Cream of Chicken soup

(Delectable chicken soup mixed with fresh cream flavored with herbs and chicken dices.)


34. Chicken sweet corn soup

(Rich extract of sweet corn blanded with spices and herbs.)


35. Chicken Clear Soup

 (Minced chicken with chicken stock and herbs.)



36. Onion salad 

(Slice onion and chilly and lemon.)


37. Green salad

(Fresh tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot atc.)


38. Chicken salad

(Boneless chicken pieces with mayonnaise cream.)


39. Arabic salad

(Fresh cucumber, onion, tomato with lemon and olive oil.)


40. Mix Raita

(Chopped onion cucumber in yoghurt with indian spices.)


41. Plain curd

  Indian Vegetarian Food (Veggie Curries)  

42. Navaratan Korma

(Delicious mixture of variety of vegetables with spicy indian herbs and cashew nut gravy.)


43. Mix vegetables curry 

(Delicious curry made of ground nut paste and selected indian spices.)


44. Aloo Gobi

(Steamed cooked with cauliflower and indian herb.)


45. Jeera Aloo

(Potato cooked with flavored spices with cumin seeds.)


46. Chana Masala

(Indian cereal mixed with tomato, onion and a variety of spices.)


47.Yellow Del

(Yellow lentils finished with a tempering of cumin and chillies.)


48. Dal Makhani

(Red kidney beans cooked with tomato puree and indian spices with butter.)


49. Malai Kofta

(Spicy and soft vegetable dumplings in rich tomato gravy cooked in butter.)


50. Rajma Masala

(Boiled kidney beans cooked with flavored spices with curry leaves.)


51. Bhindi Masala

(Spicy deep fried lady’s finger in rich peanut gravy.)


52. Aloo Mutter

(A Delectable mixture of peas and potatoes in a light curry.)


53. Saag Aloo

(Spinach and potato cooked with traditional combination of spices.)


54. Kadai Paneer

(Cottage cheese in spicy tomato base gravy with capsicum.)


55. Palak Paneer

(Finely chopped spinach with cottage cheese based on aromatic gravy.)


56. Paneer Tikka Masala

(Grilled chunks of cottage cheese cooked with flavored spices in creamy tomato gravy.)


57. Mutter Paneer

(Cottage cheese along with green peas in tomato gravy.)

  Non Veg / Chicken Special curries dishes  

58. Chicken special Madras curry

(Sliced tender chicken cooked with delectable spices with onion, and tomatoes.) 


59. Chicken Chettinad

(Classic indian recipe from South India. Boneless gravy chicken marinated yoghurt and black pepper and dry coconut.)

60. Chicken Masala

(Authentic recipe Indian spicy, Boneless chicken cook in ground spices onion and tomato.)

61.Chicken tikka masla

(it is a dish of roasted chunk of chicken in spicy sauce along with fresh cream)


62.Chicken Korma

(Diced chicken pieces cooked with fine paste of coconut and cashew)


63.Butter Chicken

(Tenter chicken pieces cooked in butter with yoghurt and lemon juice to from creamy and gravy)


64.Saag Chicken

(Chicken cooked with mildly spiced spinach gravy)


65. Chicken Kadai

(Chicken pieces cooking in a red gravy along with capsicm)


66.Chicken Vindaloo

(Diced Chicken pieces cooked with spices along with vinegar)


67.Chicken Roghan Josh

(it is a hot and spicy slow cooked chicken curry with loads of spices.) 


68. Chicken Keema

(Minced chicken sauteed in onion-tomato gravy and flavored with aromatic Indian spices)


69. Chicken Kofta

(Minced chicken cooked with spices,egg and bread crumbs)


70. Egg Masala Curry

(Lamb Special Dishes / Curries)

  Lamb Special Curries Dishes  

71.Lamb Special Madras curry

(A spicy lamb curry blended with flavored Indian spices)


72.Lamb Chettinad

(Classic indian Recipe from South India. Boneless gravy Lamb marinated yogurt and black pepper and dry coconut)


73.Lamb masala

(tender lamb chunks are cooked with ginger and tomato sauce with white papper)



74.Lamb Korma

(A mild creamy curry cooked with saffon and cardamom)


75.Lam Roghan Josh

(Coneless lamb pieces cooked with bay leaves and chinnamon sticks)


76.Lamb Vindaloo

(A tangy combination of mutton with spices A guan varicty)

  Seafood indian style curries  


77.​ Prawn special madras curry

(Off shells prawn cooked with coconut milk, fresh coriander leaves and red spices.)


78. Prawn masala

(off shells Prawns and cooked onion clay oven served with onion and tomato gravy)


79. Prawn masala

(off shells prawns cooked with onion, capsicum and Indian spices)


80.Chilli Prawn Dry or curry

(off shell prawns fried with chilli, turmeric and other Indian spices)


81.Fish Madras Special curry

(Fish filets cooked in spicy curry with red Chilli)


82.Fish masala

(Fish fillets added with yoghurt, mustard powder and chill served with tomato gravy)


83.Fish chettinad

(Classic Indian recipe from South India, Boneless gravy Fish marinated yogurt and black pepper and dru coconut)


84​.Fish Korma
(Fish fillets cooked with cashew nut gravy)

  Indian Breads Roti/Naan  


85.Plain Naan

(Flour bread cooked in Indian tandoor)


86.Butter Naan

(Indian fine flour bread cooked with butter)


87.Garlic Naan

(Naan stuffed with garlic and touch of coriander)


88. Cheese Naan

(Naan stuffed with cottage cheese)


89.Garlic & Cheese Naan

(Naan stuffed with garlic and touch of coriander)


90.Tandoori Roti / Butter Roti

(Indian fine flour Bread cooked in Indian clay oven)


91.Plain Pratha

(Indian whole wheat bread cooked with a touth a touch of oil)


92.Pratha Potato/ onion

(Whole wheat bread stuffed with potato and onion)


93.South Indian Pratha 1 Pc

(Indian fine flour cooked in dry pan)


94.Only Puri 2 Pc

(Indian fine flour deep fried in oil)

  Indian Rice Special  
95.Steamed Rice


96.Basmati Rice

(Long slender grain aromatic rice traditionally from india)


97.Jeera Basmati Rice

(Rice stir fried with cumin and butter)


98.Yellow Basmati Rice

(Rice with saffron and coriander)


99.Curd Rice

(Rice mixed with yoghurt with coriande,mustard seasoning)

100. Vegetable Pulao 

(Rice cooked with seasonal vegetables)


101. Vegetable Biryani  

(Rice cooked with Indian spices and seasonal vegetables)


102. Egg Biryani  

(Rice cooked with Indian spices and tender chicken pieces)


103. Chicken Biryani  

(Rice cooked with Indian spices and tender chicken pieces)


104. Lamb Biryani  

(Rice cooked with spices and tender lamb)


105. Hyderbadi Dum Biryani Chicken/Lamb  

(Rice cooked with lamb/chicken and light spices)


106. Fish Biryani  

(Rice cooked with fish and spices)


107. Prawn Biryani  

(Rice cooked with ginger paste along with spices)


108. Veggie Fried Rice 

(Rice cooked and sauce with beans and seasonal vegetables)


109. Chicken Fried Rice  

(Rice and Tender chicken cooked with olive oil)

  South Indian Food (Vegetarian Dosas)  

110. Plain dosa / Masala dosa  

(Indian crepe made with finely grounded rice and lentils)


111. Madras dosa / Madras masala dosa  

(Indian crepe made with tomato and spices)

112. Madras super masala dosa  

(South indian crepe made with mashed potato and onions)


113. Onion dosa / Onion masala dosa  

(Indian crepe cooked with finely chopped onions)


114. Butter dosa / Butter masala dosa  

(Indian crepe made with lentils with a touch of butter)

115. Paneer masala dosa  

(Dosa stuffed with fresh cottage cheese)


116. Chilli paneer dosa / Chilli paneer masala dosa  

(Dosa stuffed with cottage cheese with green chillies)


117. Paper plain dosa / paper masala dosa  

(thin crepe made with flour and lentils)


118. Extra Sambar / Red & White Chutney

  Non Vegetarian Dosas  

119. Chicken masala dosa  

(Finely chopped chicken pieces spread out in indian crepe with coriander)


120. Egg dosa / Egg masala dosa  

(Dosa made out with egg with pepper toppings)


121. Prawn masala dosa  

(Diced prawn is added with chilli and other spices)


122. Mixed seafood masala dosa  

(Mixture of crab, prawn and fish pieces cooked in Indian crepe)


123. Plain uthappam  

(It is a crepe made of finely ground rice and lentils and cooked in a girdle)


124. Onion uthappam 

(Indian crepe made of fine paste of lentils with crisp onion fillings)

125. Mixed vegetable uthappam 

(Indian crepe made of finely ground rice and lentils with a mixture of vegetable like carrot and peanut)


126. Paneer uthappam  

(Crispy crepe made of cottage cheese fillings)

127. Onion capsicum uthappam  

(Finely ground rice and lentil is made out as crepe with chopped onion and capsicum)

  Idly / Vada  

128. Media vada  

(South Indian Breakfast savoury doughnut made deep fried urad dal serve with 2 chaney)


129. Sambar vada / Sambar idly 

(A butter combined of rice and black lentil cooked in a grille and served with sambar)


130. Rasam vada 

(Black lentil dough is deep fried and soaked in yoghurt)


131. Steamed Idly 2 Pieces  

(A combined butter of rice and black lentil steamed in a griddle served with Chutney)


132. Butter Idly 2 pieces  

(Steamed Idly is Topped up with butter and served with chutney)


133. Fried Idly 2 pieces


134. Idly Vada , 2 pieces Idly / 1 pieces vada

  Thali Set menu / Meal Set  

135. South Indian Thali Veg / Non Veg 

(Sabzi not same everyday)


136. North Indian Thali Veg / Non Veg 

(Sabzi not same everyday)


137. Puri Set

   Thaifood / Seafood   

138. Tom Yam Chicken / Prawn / Fish / Seafood  

(Spicy thai soup with Chicken / Prawn / Fish / Seafood)


139. Tom Kha Chicken / Prawn / Seafood  

(Coconut soup with Chicken / Prawn / Seafood and lemon juice)


140. Chicken with cashew nut  

(Chicken pieces tossed in flour cooked with cashew nut seasoning sauce and served with deed fried cashew nuts)


141. Kang Kari Chicken / Shrimp  

(Yellow curry with Vegetable Chicken and Shrimp)


142. Dang Curry masaman Chicken / Prawn  

(Curry with chicken / Prawn ,Potato and Peanut)


143. Thai red curry with chicken / prawn  

(Delicious prawn curry made with chopped onion and coconut cream)


144. Thai Green curry with chicken / prawn  

(Coriander ,cumin and peppercorn are finely grounded into a paste and cooked in vegetable oil)


145. Pinang curry with chicken / prawn  

(Prawn are simmered with Thai red paste and Kaffir lime leaves)


146. Fried Garlic & Pepper Chicken / Prawn 

(Chicken is simmered with pepper and garlic flavours and served with chantro)

147. Fried rice with Vegetable  

(Cooked rice is tossed with vegetables and served with fresh basil leaves)


148. Fried Rice with Chicken  

(Boneless chicken is cooked with kaffir lime leaves and chilli flakes)


149. Fried Rice with Shrimp or Sea Food  

(Shrimp are stir fried with minced garlic and chilli flakes along with soy sauce)


150. Thai steam rice with chicken  

(Steamed rice with fried minced chicken & basil leaf topping with Thai omelet)

  Madras cafe Seafood Specialities  

151. Lamb Kebab BBQ


152. Lamb Ribs BBQ


153. Tandoori Mix Grill


154. Soltani Kebab


155. Chicken Chello Kebab


156. White/Red Snapper Fish BBQ


157. Pineapple Fried Rice


158. Grilled Mixed Seafood Platter 

(Lobster ,Tiger Prawn ,Crab ,Pomfret Fish and Oysters) 


159. Lobster 

(Cheese & Mushroom)


160. Lobster 

(Garlic & Butter)


161. Lobster 


162. Tiger & King Prawn Grilled


163. Oysters 

(Fresh or Steamed)


164. Lemon Fish 



165. Crab Tandoori



166. BBQ Lobster with Cheese


167. BBQ Lobster with Garlic


168. BBQ Lobster with Butter


169. Steam Lobster


170. BBQ Lobster with cheese mushroom


171. BBQ Lobster

  Tiger Prawn As Per Weight 

172. Tiger Prawn BBQ

173. Tiger Prawn with Butter

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